Update on Estoril Vigotsky Conference June 9-11 2016

Do you want to learn, discuss and network with professionals that focus their work on contemporary applications of Vigotsky, Luria and Leont’ev theoretical framework?

Three days of keynote and state of the art lectures, oral presentations and round tables are the hallmark of this singular and interactive conference. It is a unique opportunity to interface with colleagues from different disciplines all over the world.

JOIN US in sunny beautiful Portugal from June 9-11, 2016 for the IV ESTORIL VIGOTSKY CONFERENCE (EVC) – International Congress of Psychology. Registration includes access to all congress sessions and round tables, Keynote presentations, ISCAR Meeting (International Society for Cultural-historical Activity Research), and ISAN Meeting (International Society for Applied Neuropsychology).


EVC16 has the following Keynote and invited speakers: Antonio E. Puente (USA), Janna Glozman (Russia), Alfredo Ardila (USA), Eugene Subbotsky (UK), Dorothy Robbins (USA), Aleksander N. Veraksa (Russia), Nicolay Veresov (Australia), Bella Kotik-Friedgut (Israel), Veronika Nourkova (Russia), Anton Yasnitsky (Canada), Konstantin V. Anokhin (Russia), and Joaquim Quintino Aires (Portugal).

With the theme “Continuing the dialogue with Vigotsky”, the EVC16 congress is a wonderful opportunity to share research, insights and techniques and form professional networks in the fields of Psychology and Education.

Please visit our homepage: www.estorilvigotskyconference.com Enquiries: info@estorilvigotskyconference.com

Main topics: History and Philosophy of Psychology; Clinical Psychology; Social Psychology; Educational Psychology; Psychology of Work and Organizations.

Sponsored by:

The Vegotskyan League of Portuguese Language & Quintino Aires Institute.

In collaboration with the Russian State University for the Humanities, the Lomonosov Moscow State University, IPAF – Vigotsky Institute (São Paulo, Brazil), along with Andricard (Luanda, Angola).
Media partners: Journal “Psychology in Russia: State of the Art”, the International Society of Applied Neuropsychology (ISAN), Order of Portuguese Psychologists (OPP) and FERSAP – Setúbal Regional Federation of Parents’ Associations.

A special issue of “Psychology in Russia: State of the Art”, devoted to the EVC16 will be out of print in 2017

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