The Asia-Pacific region of ISCAR is for members from countries from South Asia, East Asia, and Australasia.

The region coordinator is Nick Hopwood from the University of Technology Sydney.

Whether you are an existing ISCAR member with ideas or suggestions of what you want from the regional group, or interested in joining ISCAR, you can contact Nick on

The planned Poster Conference in 2019 has been cancelled due to insufficient expressions of interest.


Instead, the idea is create an ISCAR Asia-Pacific poster book. All regional members are invited to send a poster (single slide) and accompanying short abstract (200 words). Nick will compile these into an artefact that can then be shared among our members. It is hoped this will help members to make connections and put together region-based proposals for ISCAR Congress 2020.


It has been brought to our attention that new ISCAR members are not always automatically added onto regional email lists. If you have not received any region-specific emails from Nick in the last few months, please contact Nick.