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Readings for Oxford Summer Meeting

For the ISCAR summer meeting in Oxford participants (and other interested) can find the readings below. The problem of agency (Malcolm Reed) Why raise this issue? Why is there a problem with agency and why should this concern us within

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7th Nordic Conference on Cultural and Activity Research

A Nordic Perspective on the Cultural and the Activity Approach in Theory and Practice The Nordic countries have a strong theoretical and practice tradition of cultural-historical approaches to investigating and/or intervening human practices and everyday life. These include early childhood

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Membership benefits

The benefits of being an ISCAR member include: Reduced Congress Fee Discounts and/or opportunity for regional meetings Receiving the newsletter Reduced fee Journals and Books, see publications Eligibilty for grants for attending congress Reduction for thematic section meetings

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Brazil Colloquium

International Colloquium in the Cultural-Historical Field will be held in Brazil (November, 2018, dates to be confirmed). The focus is on educational dialogues, bringing together research groups across the region. Program foci will include psychology and human development, design and

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Asia-Pacific Summer School

A five-day retreat is being planned for PhD students and early career researchers to work together with academic mentors to develop their theoretical understandings, writing, and collaboration. The Summer School will be held from 6-11 December 2018, near Sydney, Australia,

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Deadline approaching for 7th Nordic conference

Deadline for the submission for the next Nordic Conference is approaching. The submission deadline is January 15th 2016 (Registration deadline: May 25th 2016) The 7th Nordic conference, June 16-18 2016,  provides a cross-disciplinary forum for exchanging ideas, exploring common interests, addressing

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Membership renewal

As an ISCAR member, you should receive a membership renewal reminder between March and April 2016 with a personal link to your information. When you did not receive that, you could use the method below. If you are already a

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South Europe ISCAR

This will be 19-24 March 2019 in Ioannina, Greece. Jointly hosted by the University of Ioannina Department of Early Childhood Education, and the University of Crete Department of Psychology. Abstracts are due on 30th September 2018. There will be a

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Future events in Scandinavia

The next Nordic Conference will be in Trondheim, Norway (18-20 June 2019). The regional ISCAR webpage will be updated with details when they are announced. The theme is Research and practices within and around boundaries, and the conference is arranged

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Visit of the Vygotskij Library in ‘s-Hertogenbosch

On Monday 26th November 2015, Martijn van Schaik (ISCAR secretary) took Malcolm Reed (ISCAR president) to meet Chiel van der Veen at the A Vygotskij library (part of the Vygotskij Foundation; that has been set up in the Netherlands

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