History & Archive


This is a repository of material that relates to the organisation of ISCAR across its history

Hedegaard, M., Hakkarainen, P. & Engeström, Y. (1984 (Eds) Learning and Teaching on a Scientific Basis: Methodological and epistemological aspects of the activity theory of learning and teaching. Aarhus: Aarhus Universitet Psykologisk Institut


Part 1: General Aspects of Activity and Theoretical Thinking

Part 2: Learning Activity, Teaching Process and the Development of Theoretical Thinking

Part 3: Empirical Research on Teaching, Learning and Problem-Solving

L&TSB (1984) See L&TSB (1984) pdf portfolio


Multidisciplinary newsletter for Activity Theory

Official Organ of the International Standing Conference for Research on Activity Theory (ISCRAT)

Volume 1988 № 1&2

Volume 1989 № 3/4

Volume 1989 № 5/6

Volume 1992 № 11/12

Volume 1993 № 13/14

Activity Theory 1-14 See Activity Theory 1-14 pdf portfolio


Letters from the President (from Seth Chaiklin between 2007-2008)